Pottery & Art Studio

Blue Rabbit

Fun For All Ages 

No Experience Needed

When are
we open?

Thursday 3:30-8pm

(Open to the public)

Available for private partys

and reservations any day of the week



Paint your own pottery 

How It Works

  1. Pick your piece of pottery

  2. Paint, Decorate and Create

  3. Leave your masterpiece for glazing and firing in the kiln

  4. Your project is ready for pick up in one week - 7 days

Pinch Pots

A pinch pot is a simple form of hand-made pottery produced from ancient times to the present. The pinching method is to create pottery that can be ornamental or functional, and has been widely employed across culture. The method used is to simply have a lob of clay, then pinch it to the shape desired


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